Protect your identity with your own Personal Private Vault!

We allow the individual users total control of their data in a secure and GDPR compliant way.

Didux.io can never look inside these Private Vaults. You decide who you share information with. With people, companies and organizations.

Why use DIDUX.IO?

Own, control, share and revoke your Personal Vault.

Your Personal Vault can contain all your personal claims. For example your name, age, older than 18 and/or your biometrics.
You control what is in the Vault and you, only you, have the key! Meaning we can never access your personal data.


You are the exclusive owner of your identity.


You are in total control, Always!


You decide what to share, when and with who!


You can always revoke access to your Private Vault!

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How does it work?

An overview of how it works!


The app is your Vault!

In the app you create a personal account, used to store all your personal information.
Everything is stored encrypted on your phone and only accessible by you!


Personal Data

In the app it is possible to add all kinds of personal data. You, and only you, own that data.
In the app your data is secure! You decide what, who and when people, companies and organizations get to know something about you!


Verifiable Data

Some data need to be verified before it can be used.
Claims like "I own a driving license" need to be verified by a third party. Our app allows third party verification, creating a trusted source of verifiable claims.
Once a claim is verified, it can be used over and over again by the same owner. Proofing that your claim is right.



Sharing personal data is done by a subscription. A subscription is a mutual agreement that somebody can read (partially) your personal data.
Subscriptions can be requested by people, companies and organizations, in the form of a QR-code or a hyperlink.
The app validates the subscription request to verify the origin to prevent fishing attacks and fake links.


Accept, Deny or Ignore

A Subscription contains all the rules of sharing. Rules like, but not limited too, expiration-date, time locks or Two-factor authentication can be added to improve the security.
The user is in full control and can decide to Accept, Deny or Ignore the request.


Accept & create

When accepting a subscription, a new private vault is created. The executable code in this private vault is securing the data based on the subscription rules, for example:

  • Expiration-dates
  • Time locks
  • Two-factor authentication
The personal data is stored encrypted in the Private Vault and only readable by you and the receiver.



A Subscription can always be ended by the user!
The user can revoke and accept the subscription any time again.


We have different pricing models available.
Contact us for more information.

  • Free
  • First 100 companies
  • Max 20 users per company
  • One year
  • FREE
  • Premium
  • After the first 100 companies
  • Max 20 users per company
  • One year
  • $ 500 / year
  • Business
  • > 20 users
  • Custom plan
  • Support
  • Contact us

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