Verifiable phonecalls

The way people get identified when making a phonecall to their insurance company nowadays is by giving: first name, last name, zipcode and date of birth. Not very trustworhty we think. We have build a solution for this problem.

Verifiable phonecalls by Didux

An overview of how it works!



After downloading an app on your smartphone you will have to do a KYC to set your identity.


Company purchases a license

Companies that want to use this system will need to purchase a license and will get an installer for their callcenter software.


Person makes a phonecall

When a person makes a phonecall at first the callcenter will see a notification: unidentified caller. The company can send a request to this specific number that will be picked up by the app on the user his or her smartphone with the question if they are allowed to verify the identity. The app will show a notification if the company is allowed to check the identity. If accepted the name will show up in the dashboard of the callcenter software.


Revoke permission

After the phonecall a user can revoke the permission to his or her identity. It is also possible to set a timer of using the identity.


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