Verifiable email

One of the biggest problems with emails nowadays is phishing, or that you don't know if the sender is really the one who has actually send the email.

Verifiable emails by Didux

After a first time registration you will receive an installer that will act as a plugin on your favourite email program. From this moment on, all your emails will be signed with a QR code. When someone receives an email and wants to verify the origin, they have to download the Didux app and scan the QR code to see who the sender was, by which company and who the email was send to. At this moment we offer the solution to companies using Microsoft office 365 but soon to follow will be Gmail and Apple mail. Would you like to have the QR scanner integrated in your company app for example as a marketing tool ? Send us an email and we will be happy to discuss possibilities.

An overview of how it works!



First you need to register so we can verify your email address.


Get your key

After registration you get your own private key. Write this key down and safe it in a secure place. You will need this key to recover your account. You will also need it for all future goodies we have planned.


Download the installer

At this moment we only provide a plugin for Microsoft Outlook.


Run the installer

When you run the installer you will be asked to fill in your private key. After completion you are ready to go.


Send out emails

When done the above all your emails will be signed with a QR code the receiver can scan to verify the origin of the email.


We have different pricing models available.
Contact us for more information.

  • Free
  • First 100 companies
  • Max 20 users per company
  • One year
  • FREE
  • Premium
  • After the first 100 companies
  • Max 20 users per company
  • One year
  • $ 500 / year
  • Business
  • > 20 users
  • Custom plan
  • Support
  • Contact us

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