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Access control 3.0. Why use a card that can be used by others? Together with 20Face we have worked on building a solution where you are in control of your biometrical data.

Secure access control by Didux and 20Face

An overview of how it works!


Download the app

First you need to download the app.


Take a picture of your face

Biometrics are stored in a private smart contract on our Blockchain. You and only you have access to this vault.


Connect your biometrics to the party you give permission.

This can be done in several ways. Access to a stadium would include a ticket with for example a QR code you need to scan from within the app. This would give the stadium permission to verify your identity when you show up at the gate.


Revoke permission

After the phonecall a user can revoke the permission to his or her identity. It is also possible to set a timer of using the identity.


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