thumb finalyzing ProofMe.ID app.

After months of work we are close to the launch of our ProofMe app. With this app people can identify themselves for organisations online and offline.

How does this work ?

You download our ProofMe.ID app once via the Appstore or Google play. With the App you scan your passport, driver's license or ID card. After this you need to look in the camera of your phone so we can verify it is actually you who scanned the passport. We use advanced software that performs a liveness check that verifies that you do not show a photo or video and compare the results with the passport photo in your passport. If the comparison is correct you are in possession of a digital passport in the App. Another option is to set your identity through Idin, verification with your bank account.


The app now contains your personal data and can be further expanded with biometrics, addresses, IBAN and more. Every Claim (data object) is digitally signed by the issuing party. Organisations that need verification of an identity can implement our Callcenter API, for callcenters in case of phone-calls or our Web API for websites to request access to a person his or hers identity. With each use you give explicit approval for sending any personal data to the recipient and the app will digitally sign all your personal data. You will always see which data the recipient requests. Claims can include your name, address, date of birth, age indication or gender, but also your IBAN, customer number, biometrics or other personal data. ensures that your data is secure. This way the receiver cannot distribute, sell or use this data to impersonate you. However, the recipient will know that you are actually the person you say you are.