We help companies who need to identify users by making verification secure, fast and tamper-proof and reducing time on verification unlike the uncertain and time consuming verification questions.


Prevent personal data breaches and Identity Theft by using our Private Vaults.

No storage

You don't have to store any personal data anymore.

Verifiable Identities

Identities are verified by signatures, like DigiD, iDin or any other KYC-issuer.


Protection against Identity Theft and social engineering.

GDPR Compliant

100% GDPR / AVG Compliant!

Use cases

Protect your users in every case.


Identify your customers fast and secure.

Access control

Online and offline access control.

Login services

No passwords needed.


Identities can only be used by the owner.

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  • Free
  • First 100 companies
  • Max 20 users per company
  • One year
  • FREE
  • Premium
  • After the first 100 companies
  • Max 20 users per company
  • One year
  • $ 500 / year
  • Business
  • > 20 users
  • Custom plan
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