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Didux is selected to join CES Las Vegas by Techleap.nl

We are proud to announce that we are selected together with 49 leading startups on the CES2020 mission to Las Vegas. The picture was taken at CES unveilled in Amsterdam, a kick off event where all participants could pitch for the visitors.

Didux particpates in Yes!Delft validation lab and graduates successfully

After being selected for the Yes!Delft validation lab we had over 40 interviews to validate our riskiest assumptions and pivoted our proposition. The direction of the company will be towards verifying data and identities.

Launch of private vaults.

In the app it is possible to add all kinds of personal data. You, and only you, own that data.
In the app your data is secure! You decide what, who and when people, companies and organizations get to know something about you!


Smilo evolved to Didux

After 18 months of hard work on the Smilo blockchain we decided to change the course of the company and focus on building solutions for real life problems. Meet Didux.

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